People tend to attach a negative connotation to the word “clique.” This is largely in part to the entertainment industry portraying cliques as groups of mean middle school and high school girls, but that is not the definition of a clique. A clique is a group of people who spend time together exclusively.

I’ve struggled with this word lately because I do consider myself part of a “friend group.” There are six of us altogether, and we see each other almost every single day. That being said, 5/6 of us live in the same building, and the 6th person is my roommate’s boyfriend. We will literally see each other walk in the door end up doing a Wal-Mart run.

It’s easy to become friends with the people that you live with. It helps a lot when those people are incredible human beings who can make you laugh at any given time and will always be there for you when you need them.

Personally, I don’t see the problem in having five best friends who are very close and all love each other dearly.

We are not exclusive. Sure, most of the time it’s just the six of us hanging out. But 80% of the time, someone will join in while we’re halfway through that movie we were watching. Occasionally, someone will try to tag along when they find out we’re headed out for ice cream, and we always happily invite them along.

So, if anyone feels like calling us a clique, that’s fine. I have five beautiful and loving people around me all the time, and that’s all that matters.



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