16th State

Indiana just became my 16th U.S. state. The ultimate goal is to reach all 50 before I’m 25, but really I just want to see as much of the world as possible and I don’t need a time limit. I’ve explored a good portion of the North Eastern United States, but it’s time for me to branch out.

I’m writing this from the back of the car. We just drove through Louisville, KY and we’re 20 minutes away from my friend Nicolette’s home.

It’s so great being away at college because I’ve made so many friends from so many different places. Hearing their stories and learning about their lives has been an amazing experience; getting to visit their hometowns is incredible.

Knowing all these people is making me appreciate Belmont University so much more because I’m realizing how much of a community it is. It’s crazy how a Long Islander like me now has great friends from Texas, small towns in Indiana, mountains in Utah, and beach towns on both the Atlantic AND Pacific.

Traveling to places like Disney and Bush Gardens are fun, but I learned so much from spending a few days in southern Indiana. Staying in my friend’s home meant that I was very much immersed in the culture. I got to see what a day in the life is like in her hometown instead of just being a tourist.

I’ve now been to 16 states and Puerto Rico, which isn’t nearly enough, and I’m making an executive decision to get to 50.

My taste for adventure is growing :).



Places I’ve Been



-United States



-Puerto Rico

-St. Thomas

-St. Martin

-St. Kitts/Nevis

-Aruba (2)


-Disney’s Cocoa Key



States (17)

-New York






-New Jersey




-Rhode Island






States I've been to as of January 2015 (16)
States I’ve been to as of January 2015 (16)

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