Confession: I like mainstream music.



You wear huge glasses frames and go to school in Nashville but you listen to mainstream music?

Yeah, I know.

I’m currently interning for ATO Records, which works with hipster/indie-esque bands including but not limited to Alabama Shakes, Kopecky, King Gizzard and the Lizard Wizard, Brandi Carlile, etc. The songwriting is freakin’ awesome and the musical talent blows me away. But sometimes I gotta get in my car and blast some T-Swift or Beyonce.

And to be completely honest, I’m sick of feeling like I have to name bands that nobody’s ever heard of when someone asks what music I listen to. Truthfully, I listen to top-40 music more than I listen to the artsy stuff.

Please stop judging me for it. I mean, THAT STUFF IS POPULAR FOR A REASON! I don’t always WANT to listen to crazy cool chord changes and weird time signatures. Sometimes I just want something with a good melody that I can sing along to!


As someone who wants to work in the music business, it’s SO IMPORTANT to know what’s popular in THE ACTUAL WORLD, not just THE HIPSTER WORLD.

This does NOT mean that I don’t jam out to The Beatles and play air-bass to Pink Floyd. It doesn’t mean that I don’t go to weird bars in Brooklyn to see a band I’ve never heard of.

But I’m also not crazy/stupid/blind to good music just because I wanna listen to pop music sometimes.

Trust me, I know it’s the same two chord progressions and same three lyrical themes – but I still wanna listen to it.

And here’s a note to all y’all who think you’re the president just because you play in a band who’s name has a day of the week in it: you’re not as original as you think you are.

Welcome to the music industry!




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