10 Creative Christmas Decorations that Aren’t a Christmas Tree

10 Creative Christmas Decorations that Aren’t a Christmas Tree

Generally, the rest of the house is forgotten about once the tree is up and the stockings are hung, but there are SO MANY ways to use every day objects to your advantage in decorating the rest of your house. Everything on this list can be found in your home, your local dollar store, or a cheap superstore. Let your tree be the main focus, but don’t overlook how much these details can make your home the best on the block.

This is arguably the best time of year to use Pinterest to your advantage. Whether it’s a random user with 50 followers or HGTV, there are millions of ideas to make your home the most creative in the neighborhood.  Here are some of my favorites.

1. Hang ornaments from your light fixture. They aren’t just for the tree, folks. These are especially nice to sit around when you put them over your kitchen table. Just make sure the string is strong enough and tied tightly so that no one ends up with shards of glass in their food.

2. For your coffee table: Fill a box like this one with random decorative objects like candles, pinecones, ornaments and tinsel. Using different sized candles (important: with the same scent) creates a very satisfying layered look.


3. The best and easiest way to spruce up any doorway is with a long garland. Add a wreath, some lights, and maybe some red ribbon and you’re all set. It’s not super pricey, either. You can find this stuff at your local dollar store. Use it for any doorway, inside or out.


4. This little detail is my favorite when placed carefully in places like hallway tables and decorative shelving units. Even kitchen counters will do. They are easy to make, and you can find the pieces in a dollar store.


5. This is an adorable way to decorate the kids room. If you want to let your younger kids do it themselves, maybe cut the paper ahead of time and help them use a hole puncher to string them together. A tutorial is provided here.

6. Throw pillows are often overlooked as a quick and easy way to decorate any living space. Store your daily throw pillows and replace them with something like these, or create a DIY pillow case to cover your existing pillows with Christmas fabrics that any fabric or craft store is likely to have.


7. Add some flair to a side table by pulling out an old vase and filling it with your extra tree ornaments.


8. For the music nerd: bottle up your favorite Christmas sheet music and add some tinsel and/or a decorative piece or ornament for a simple table-top decoration. Try the same thing in a shadowbox or flat picture frame! Also try the same thing with a Christmas book or cards.


9. Replace all the artwork in your home with Christmas-themed art, be-it dollar store options or collector’s items. Try framing your favorite wrapping paper patterns! You can also try gift bags, but wrapping paper will be the easiest option and will look the most seamless.

10. Use festive wrapping paper as a backdrop for your guests to take photos at your Christmas or New Year’s party! Use sticky tack to hold it up so that no tape will be seen in the picture, and frame it in Christmas lights and turn off the overhead lights in the room to create festive lighting for the pictures. Make sure there are other festive lights and/or candles in the room for optimal photography lighting.


When in doubt, browse your local dollar store for cheap decorations (and wrapping paper). There’s nothing wrong with buying your materials cheap – more often than not, no one will know the difference when it comes to Christmas decor!


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