How The Importance of New Year’s Eve Evolves in Your 20s

When you’re a kid, New Year’s Eve is the night you beg your parents to let you stay up to watch the ball drop. It’s the night you raise a cup filled with sparkling cider or apple juice to toast with the adults in the room.

Then you grow up.

You start attending parties of your own, you start raising cups filled with champagne and red wine, and the novelty of staying up until midnight fades. You use the holiday to celebrate the end of your Christmas break.

Once you are out in the real world, New Year’s Eve becomes more than a holiday.

When you’re in your 20s, it is about resolutions, goals, changes, and plans. Your 20s are the time when everyone suddenly expects you to know what you’re doing in your life. You drop the “teen” from your age at your 20th birthday and it’s like a sign sprouts over your head that reads “ask me about my future.”

December 31st is the best possible motivator when it comes to figuring out your life. You don’t have to have a step-by-step plan by January 1st, but it’s a perfect opportunity for setting new goals for yourself.

Social media has made a joke of resolutions in the past few years, but if you stick to them they can really turn your life around! Resolutions in your 20s become more than ideas.

With the forging of resolutions, it is easy to forget why we celebrate New Year’s Eve in the first place. Think about it…the winter solstice (12/22) is the shortest day of the year, and the days only get longer from there. Finish out the month of December, and January brings the birth of a new year. The sun is more visible and everybody goes back to work and school feeling refreshed from a good break. Could there possibly be a better time of year to look back at everything you’ve done and figure out what to do next?

Sure, you still have to put on your shoes and coat and go to work the same way you did in December, but suddenly you’ve had a chance to evaluate both the things you’ve chosen in your life and the things that were placed there.

I’m begging you, take this chance. Don’t let your break roll by without taking a few minutes to think about what was great in 2015 and what needs improving. Maybe you’ll realize something about yourself. Maybe you’ll discover your need to travel, write, or play an instrument. Maybe you’ll realize how cute that guy in your office actually is and take the initiative. Maybe you’ll change your mind about some friends, good or bad.

I challenge you to make a list of things that you liked about 2015, and things that that you hated. Then write down some ideas based on your list that will make 2016 the best it can possibly be. Figure out what you can change, and what in your life depends on others. The more independent your decisions are, and the more you make life yours, the better you’ll feel when it comes time to do it all again for 2017

When else do you have so much time away from work? When else do you have the chance to surround yourself with so many wonderful things like family and Christmas cookie-scented candles? Enjoy your night, and go into 2016 with a smile. Make that first day back at the office the best your boss has ever seen.

January 1st marks more than a new calendar. It’s a chance to renew and establish a new and better you.


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