How Much Content Does Your Business Really Need?

As you may know, digital content marketing and SEO best practices are becoming ridiculously important for ALL businesses. If you don’t have an amazing website with high-quality information on it, you’re going to lose people very quickly. Why? Because the similar business next to you has a better website. Quality vs. Quantity Ah, the age-old … More How Much Content Does Your Business Really Need?

I’m Back!

I’m back! I sort of took a detour there, but I wasn’t sitting on my butt. Over the past two and a half-ish years, I: Graduated from college Worked full time as a content writer (since promoted to Senior Content Writer, woo-hoo!) for a healthcare organization in Nashville Adopted a hedgehog, two cats, and a … More I’m Back!

Protecting Our Gentle Giants

Elephants are some of the most advanced creatures among us. They have incredibly complex physical and mental/emotional needs. Unfortunately, humans have found ways to turn these gentle giants mad through aggression and malnourishing tactics. Circuses, zoos, and other “for the people” atmospheres are more detrimental to an elephant’s health than most seem to think. Everything … More Protecting Our Gentle Giants

To Those Who Tore Me Down When I Was Young And Insecure

I remember you. I remember your fears, your secrets, and your stories that spread. I remember your drama and your tears. What do you remember about me? I’m successful now, and suddenly you want to talk to me. Suddenly you’re interested in my life and my career goals because I am at a place where … More To Those Who Tore Me Down When I Was Young And Insecure