To Those Who Tore Me Down When I Was Young And Insecure

I remember you. I remember your fears, your secrets, and your stories that spread. I remember your drama and your tears. What do you remember about me? I’m successful now, and suddenly you want to talk to me. Suddenly you’re interested in my life and my career goals because I am at a place where … More To Those Who Tore Me Down When I Was Young And Insecure


I can’t tell you the day that it happened. I didn’t wake up unhappy on a Monday morning. It was a gradual process. I’ve never felt the sensation of drowning, but I imagine that it’s much like depression. You feel yourself slowly weakening to a point where you don’t feel anything anymore. There is no … More Drowning

16th State

Indiana just became my 16th U.S. state. The ultimate goal is to reach all 50 before I’m 25, but really I just want to see as much of the world as possible and I don’t need a time limit. I’ve explored a good portion of the North Eastern United States, but it’s time for me … More 16th State

Social Anxiety

Some people don’t want to label themselves. I, however, find comfort in having the words “social anxiety” on my side. I’ve had people ask me to give them a reason as to why I’m so quiet or shy, especially in the classroom setting. For most of my life I’ve simply smiled and said, “I don’t … More Social Anxiety